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Client Name: BUMBLE

Project Name: Project BEE

a co-creagency project

When I came to Berlin, I used Bumble to find girls to connect, drink red wine, or go to the flea markets with. When the project BEE came up at the co-creagency, it became a passion project to create concepts for and with people around the brand.

Project BEE was all about bringing people together. With several hosts like Helen FaresLiberta or Annika, Isabell & Kinga we realised over 10 events in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich to connect girls in the name of 'making the first move'. Together with them, we created events like a yoga & mindfulness session, a networking brunch, a sustainability workshop, and a coaching session. #projectbee

All pictures by Linda Ambrosius, Eva Burdack & Wero Radowicz

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