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Herbliz OOH Campaign

Client Name: HERBLIZ

OOH Campaign

Pictures by Linda Ambrosius


Project Name: Herbliz 2020 

a co-creagency project by


For the high-quality CBD brand HERBLIZ, our team was asked to develop a launch campaign to introduce HERBLIZ as the go-to brand for CBD products. HERBLIZ offers high-quality CBD oil, organic certified hemp cosmetics, wellness products such as CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts, as well as vaporizers with the corresponding CBD oil cartridges. Treat yourself to a break from the hectic everyday life and let yourself be carried away into the relaxing world of CBD. I developed the campaign messaging as well as the overall strategy and narrative.


Shot by Linda Ambrosius, we brought the campaign to life by transforming the claims into real-life images. The images and narratives are used not only for the OOH campaign but for all HERBLIZ communication channels (website, social media etc.). The OOH campaign is displayed in November 2020 in Berlin and Hamburg. My role: Creative Direction, Storytelling & Copywriting, Shooting Production & Team Lead

My role: Creative Direction + Production, Storytelling & Copywriting, Shooting Production & Team Lead

Herbliz OOH.jpg
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