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Montblanc Ultra Black Campaign

My role: Producer

  • 2 Night Shooting

  • 12 Mark Makers

  • Team of over 40 people

  • Video & Photo

  • IG Reels for Mark Makers

  • Client on set

  • VIP Mark Makers like Tom Felton

Montblanc stands for the culture of writing and master craftsmanship, as it has done for more than a hundred years. Their products are lifestyle companions that will accompany my and future generations to come. Be it writing instruments, leather, watches, accessories or their youngest category of new technologies, their master craftsmen work diligently to pour their hearts and souls into every step of the creation.


Montblanc believes that everyone can leave a mark. So we took on the chance to redefine what #success mean for the creators of our time. Together with the TLGG I was able to realize a two night shooting with 12 mark makers being interviewed, filmed and photographed. 

Thank you to everyone involved:
Client: Montblanc

Senior Art Director: Harriet Spratt
Art Director: Khay Arrieta 
DOP: Sam Templeton
First AC: Sebastian Beyrer 
Producers: Olga Preiss Lea Baintner 

Project Manager: Julian-Sebastian Gerdes 
CD: Philippe Deniger 
Copywriters: Natalie Hunter Kanak Mehra
Wardrobe: Alexandra McFadyen 
Photographer: Emil Levy 
HMU: Tinna Empera 
Lead Lighting Tech: Joran Ost 
Creative: Matias Lepera ​




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