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Faces of the Phases

Client Name: WOMOM

Interactive Digital Campaign


Project Name: Faces of the Phases

a co-creagency project by


Oh 2020, where is this journey going?!
In these crazy times, we let each other know that we’re all having ups and downs. while we’re all treading our individual paths, traveling at our own pace, we are interconnected through the personal crossroads and milestones we share.

The 'faces of the phases' campaign we created for the women-led fashion brand WOMOM celebrated the empowering union of individuality and togetherness that women experience as they navigate their unique routes. It was a user-generated interactive diary, documenting different phases in women’s lives. #facesofthephases

To tap into 2020 current topics, we created a digital campaign for all women to connect by sharing their individual story of their phase. Stories could be uploaded through a microsite we created that included a branded typeform. Influencers, users and magazines took part in #phasesofthephases.

My role: Concept & idea, creative lead (visual & branding development), graphic design, building of microsite & content creation.

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